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From: Ali McLean
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Online TEFL Courses
Here’s what you get…
  • Course: International TEFL/TESOL Course   (120-Hours)                                    ($297 Value) 
  • Bonus #1: The Ultimate TEFL Guide for 2023                                                                ($47 Value)    
  • Bonus #2: Lifetime Job Club Membership                                                                        ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Teaching Young Learners (TEYL)                                                                     ($147 Value) 
  • ​Bonus #4: Free Buddy Pass (To give away to a friend)                                              ($297 Value) 
  • ​Bonus #5 - Personal Online Tutor                                                                                          ($197 Value) 

Total Value: $1,182

Regular Pricing: $297

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If you want to earn over $2,500 per month teaching English online then this course is made for you…

Online TEFL Course Bonus



The Ultimate TEFL Guide For 2023

Get the most out of your TEFL program in 2023 with the Ultimate TEFL Guide! 📚 This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the entire program and reach your goals. 💪 Join the countless students who have achieved success with this guide and make your TEFL journey a success too! 🌟

($47 Value)



Lifetime Job Club Membership

Looking for the perfect job as an English teacher? 🌎 Look no further than our job club with over 6,000 daily jobs! 🔍 As a TEFL-certified teacher, you'll have access to a world of opportunities in countries across the globe. 🌟 Take advantage of the huge demand for English teachers and start your journey toward an exciting career today! 💼

($197 Value)

Online TEFL Course Bonus
Online TEFL Course Bonus



Teaching Young Learners Module (TEYL)

Unlock your potential as an online English teacher and start earning money with our Teaching Young Learners module! 📚 This specially designed module will teach you how to effectively teach young learners online and turn your passion for teaching into a lucrative career. 💰 Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your teaching skills to the next level and achieve financial freedom! 💻

($147 Value)



Free Buddy Pass (To give away to a friend)

Get a free pass to our TEFL program and bring a friend along for the ride! 🎉 That's right, not only will you receive a free pass (just pay the certificate fee), but your buddy can join you for free with just a $1 access fee and a quick share of our page on Facebook. 🌟 Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn and grow with a friend by your side. Sign up today and start your TEFL journey together! 👭

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Online TEFL Course Bonus
Online TEFL Course Bonus



Personal Online Tutor

Take your learning to the next level with a personal online tutor! 🎓 Our TEFL program offers instant access to a dedicated tutor who will guide you through every stage of the course and help you start earning money. 💻 Whether you're a beginner or an experienced teacher, our personal tutor is there to support you whenever you need help. 🌟 Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn from the best and achieve success in your teaching career! 💪

($147 Value)

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Online TEFL Course Manager
Meet Ali,
  • Spokesperson for the TEFL Organization
  • Helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams.
Online TEFL Course Manager
Meet Jane,
SEM Manager
  • Customer Service Manager in the TEFL Organization
  • Helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams.
Online TEFL Course Manager
Meet Steph,
Sales Manager
  •  Sales Manager in the TEFL Organization 
  •  Helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams.
Online TEFL Course Manager
Meet Nadine,
Support Manager
  • Support Manager in the TEFL Organization.
  •  Helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams.
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 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers!

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Who can apply for this course?
All adults over 18 who are fluent or proficient in both written and spoken English can apply for our course. You should be generally positive and friendly towards your tutors and students to attitude is everything. No experience or qualifications are required to enrol in our TEFL course. You can log in anytime and take the course at your own pace. What are you waiting for? Get started now!
Do I need to have any qualifications or experience?
No, you do not need any qualifications or experience. We give you knowledge, experience and a recognized certificate to teach English online or overseas.
Is this course accredited?
Yes, our courses are accredited and moderated by the International TEFL Organization Accreditation Number: 7907634. The Cambridge courses are accredited by the Cambridge ESOL examination board in the UK.

Not all TEFL certificates are created equal. As a valued member of the International TEFL Organization, you get a fully accredited and professional 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate. Accepted and trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, our certificates are a global mark of excellence that help you start and develop your career and open doors to exciting employment opportunities.

Will you help me secure a teaching job online or overseas?
You get access to our global daily job feed with over 6000 Jobs and we will advise you in how to secure a teaching job after successfully completing our online TEFL course. There are just too many vacant teaching jobs and not enough certified teachers to fill them. Bear in mind that securing a position ultimately depends on you! So a well-crafted CV/resume, persistence and a strong interview performance go a long way!
What subjects will I learn?
How to be a good teacher?
​How to manage a classroom?
​How to plan lessons?
​A brief history of English.
​Teaching reading, speaking and listening.
​How to teach grammar and make it fun?
Teaching a new language.
​Evaluation and testing.
​How to deal with problems in the classroom?
​Teaching business English.
​Teaching English online.
​Teaching young learners (Optional Upgrade).
When will I receive my TEFL/TESOL certificate?
Once you complete all lessons and the final exam with at least a 70% pass mark, and you have made all 3 instalment payments, you can ask your tutor to issue your TEFL/TESOL certificate.
Do I have to be a native English speaker to take this course?
No, you do not need to be a native speaker to teach English. In fact, there are more non-native TEFL teachers around the world than native ones! 
How long does it take to complete my TEFL course?
Most students can complete the course in around 2 weeks, with just one hour per day of study time. You have up to three months to complete the course.
What Is Your Refund Policy?
You must complete the first three lessons of your course. After that, if you are not satisfied with your course, we will give you a full refund of your basic/ standard fees within 30 days. If you complete more than three lessons, then we will assume you are happy with the course and no refund will be given thereafter. This is to protect the integrity of our course but also to encourage more people to continue the course and gain their certificate. The Cambridge and teaching practice course fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. 

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